Consignment Opportunities available by calling Other Side Resale Inc.


Consignment opportunities available. Consignment is a great way to sell household furnishings, collectibles and other treasures without the inconvenience of unlimited phone calls, no shows and unwanted individuals at your door. You simply consign your items with Other Side Resale Inc. and leave the hassles to us. All consignment items are currently accepted by appointment only.

Items – Other Side Resale consigns a variety of items. We are currently accepting home furnishings (décor and furniture), art, collectibles, antiques and other unique items. We are not accepting clothing, bedding and certain upholstered items. Other Side Resale reserves the right to refuse any item. Exceptions may be made to our “not accepted list” so please contact us for more information.

All items consigned with Other Side Resale Inc. should be clean without any significant damage and ready to sell. Nicks, scratches and broken parts reduce the amount your item will generate in sales.

Pricing – Pricing may vary, depending on the condition of the items. Once we receive your merchandise, we will evaluate the item(s) and work with you to determine a price that we believe is both fair and right for a quick sale! Your input is important, please feel free to suggest a fair price during the check-in process.

Consignment Period – Our consignment period is 90 (ninety) days. At the end of the consignment period, you can choose to have any unsold item held for pickup or donated to local charity of our choice. Other Side Resale Inc. reserves the right to extend the consignment period, but does not make any commitments to offer your item for sale past the 90-day period.

Fees – Our consignment fees are very reasonable and vary slightly depending on condition of merchandise and transportation of goods.

Ready to Consign – All consignment items are currently accepted by appointment only. To expedite the process, you can email a picture with description including any damages or defects. Too many items or no camera, call or email us and we will make other arrangements.

Please contact us at for more information.