About Us

Doug and Margot Huber


Other Side Resale is located next to Real Deals on Home Décor – Alton, across from Rib City. Owners, Doug and Margot Huber have resided in the Riverbend area for over twenty years. Doug has been selling gently used items at various craft and antique malls for a number of years. After opening Real Deals on Home Décor which offers a variety of everyday and seasonal home décor items at warehouse prices, they started thinking about opening a Resale shop next door that would provide a convenient location for customers to sell those gently used items and treasures they may no longer have room for. Less than two years after opening Real Deals on Home Décor, the idea of a Resale Shop has become a reality. Other Side Resale, Inc. will open on October 9, 2015.   Why call it Other Side Resale?   Ever since they opened Real Deals on Home Décor, they have used the space now occupied by the resale shop for storage and always referred to it as the “other side”. Thus the name, Other Side Resale.

Doug and Margot are excited to bring to the Riverbend area a unique shopping experience for gently used and upcycled furnishing, collectibles and other unique items at reasonable prices. Other Side Resale, Inc. will provide the same excellent service you have come to know from Real Deals on Home Décor.